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Georg Stantejsky Mag. PhDr.               


Born 1950
Married, two children
Domicile:       Berndorf - Austria, Europe
Hobbies:       family, travelling, sport, coaching
Languages:   in training and coaching: German & English


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Barbara Wagner MD

Assistance and share holder


Born 1981
Specialist for General Medicine

                     Certificated Emergency Doctor

                     ÖAK - Certificated Doctor for Orthomolecular Medicine

                     ÖAK - Certificated Doctor for Rehabilitation

                     and Preventive Medicine

                     ÖAK - Certificated Doctor for Kneipp Hydrotherapy

Domicile:      Klosterneuburg - Lower Austria, Europe
                                         Hobbies:       travelling, hiking
                                         Languages:  German, English, French, Spanish

Stefan Stantejsky Mag., MIA (Master of International Affairs, Geneva)

Assistance and share holder


Born 1983
Occupation:  Commercial attaché in Poland
Domicile:      Warsaw - Poland, Europe
Hobbies:       travelling, languages, studies sport, music, communication
Languages:  German, English, French, Spanish
                    Chinese & Polish (basics)

Jovhanna Tovar Ardila Mag.
Assistance and communication expert


Born 1982

Occupation:   Intercultural communication and new media expert

                      for Latin American markets
Domicile:       Vienna and Warsaw, Europe
Hobbies:        travelling, languages, studies, intercultural communication
Languages:   Spanish, German, English, Italian

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