The classification "subjects" and "personality" is only for orientation's sake as in practice both areas are linked to each other.




► Management (vision, mission, goals)

► "Value-Management"

► Leading icl. rank-dynamics & motivation

► HR management (appraisal interview)

► Skills in speech, presentation & moderation/facilitation, rhetoric

► Professional preparation for hearings




► Communication (High end up to  NLP trainings)

► Negotiation-training & job interview

► "Selling mysef"

► Teambuilding processes and team coaching

► Managing myself and individual coaching

► Conflict solving strategies, which means amongst others: dealing with the "drama trangle" in a

    constructive way

► Change processes

"It is not said, that it is better when it is different.

But if it should be better it has to be different!"

(Georg Christoph Lichtenberg)

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