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  • "Help" for self-help - because success means, that one is able to act personal responsible asap. Then one remains or becomes independent from external assistance.
  • Functioning tools for practice - as less theory as necessary and as much relevance for practice as possible.
  • Content has to be useful and convertible in practical everydays life!
  • Partner orientation: Workshops are "adapted flexibel", that means, that the partner can set his/her personal goal (within the frame coming from the client). That leads to more responsibility for the process as the partner developes from someone concerned to a responsible participant. Thats a key for a successful transfer in practice!
  • Permanent motivation to ACT, in order to make own experiences possible - even from mistakes.
  • Strengthen of self-confidence (self-awareness) and self-responsibility - only those, who are self aware about their roles, values, goals, resouces, possibilities and abilities will integrate consciously made learning-experiences into practice and will take over responsibility for his/her life.
  • Learning with fun as a precondition to experience personal changes in a positive way. A positive change in ones behaviour makes sustainable changes of the surrounding possible!

"You cannot teach somebody, all you can do is to assist him to
discover all within himself"
(Galileo Galilei)

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